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Abel (Ethan)
Rank Navigator
Ship Reliant
Partner Cain
Age 24 [1]
Homeworld Earth
I want to excel at the tasks given to me. I want to make a difference on this mission. I want... to protect everyone...

Abel is a navigator and the main character of Starfighter. He pilots the Reliant. Abel is in a sexual relationship with his fighter Cain and an unwitting participant in The Shady Plan.

Character Information[]

Early Life[]

It is mentioned that Abel's father is a politican on earth and that his father wanted him to follow his footsteps and become an politican as well but Abel refused and became a navigator instead. [2] His father didn't approve of him being a navigator, nor of him joining the alliance, and said that "dying in a territory war is for lowlife colonists". Also, it is said that Abel was the best in his class. [3]

Life as a navigator[]

He is teamed up with Cain, the best fighter in the alliance.[4] The two start a relationship.


  • HamletMachine has said that a potential hobby for Abel would be playing the piano.[5] It has also been suggested that perhaps he was made to take violin lessons as a child.[6]
  • Abel has black-colored eyes.[7] He is the only named navigator with dark eyes.
    • According to HamletMachine, "Abel's eye color isn't part of his special ability, he just wasn't as [genetically] modified."[8]
  • Abel's iguana is named Newton.[1]
  • Abel enjoys bakery sweets.[1]
  • Cain is Abel's first fighter .[9]
  • Abel is 5'8" or 5'9"[10]
  • Abel's birthday is July 29th
  • Abel's real name is Ethan, as mentioned in chapter 2.[11]
  • He is most likely named after Abel, a character from the Bible, who was killed by his brother Cain.[12]


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