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Cain (Alexei)
Rank Fighter
Ship Reliant
Partner Abel
Age 22
Homeworld New Volga, Mars
I've always been the best. If you slow me down, don't think I won't leave you behind...

Cain is a fighter for the Federated Alliance. He is involved in a Shady Plan that involves his ship, the Reliant, and his crewmate and lover, Abel.

Character Information

  • Cain is of Russian descent, but is not from Earth.[1]
  • HamletMachine has said that when she thinks of Cain's personality, she thinks of a cat.[2]
  • Cain is 22 years old.[2] He was born on October 27.
  • Cain's sexual orientation is a secret, according to Hamlet.[2] Although its rumored that this sexual orientation is bisexual or pansexual. Given the only thing to support this is a term Cain had said to Abel during sex.
  • Cain's favorite dessert is whiskey and a pack of smokes.[2]
  • He has an earring in his left ear.[3]
  • Cain does not know how to swim.[4]
  • According to HamletMachine, "Cain would like to think he knows a lot about life on Earth from movies.. but he really just has a vague idea of what goes on there... he doesn’t know too many animals besides a small variety of Earth-imports."[4]
  • Cain is Abel's first fighter.[5]
  • Cain's Russian accent only comes out when he's excited.[5]
  • Cain is 5'11"[6]
  • Cain's eyes are black.[7]
  • Hamlet recently jokingly stated during a livestream that a potential "real name" of Cain's is Ralph.[citation needed]
  • Cain's real name is actually Alexei as mentioned in chapter 4.
  • He is most likely named for Cain, a character in a Bible who killed his brother, Abel.[8]
  • In one of the extras it's written "Colony nr. 05" on his jacket [1]


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