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Rank Lead Fighter
Ship Unknown
Partner Keeler
Age 24
Homeworld Unknown colony

Encke is the lead fighter aboard the Alliance battleship Sleipnir. He's a no-nonsense leader who cares about his men and his partner, Keeler. Encke is suspected to be part of the shady plan with Keeler.

Character Information[]

  • Encke is 24 years old.[1]
  • He is 6'1" tall.[2]
  • The bonus pages for the printed version of Chapter 3 is a scene with Encke and Cain[3]
  • He is most likely named after Johann Franz Encke, a German astronomer after whom the Encke gap in Saturn's rings was named, among other celestial objects.[4] The other gap in Saturn's rings is called the Keeler gap.[5]
  • His mother is an alliance commander
  • He is painfully aware of Keeler's condition, has been since they were first assigned together.
  • He has a more than platonic love for his navigator, Keeler.


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