StarFighter Wiki
Rank Fighter
Ship Edifice
Partner Selene
Age Unknown
Homeworld Unknown Colony

Helios is the playable character in Starfighter Eclipse. He is a fighter partnered to Selene and is assigned to the Starfighter Edifice.

Character Information[]

  • He is most likely named after the sun god Helios. In Greek Mythology, Helios is the brother of the moon goddess, Selene.
  • He has a sister by the name of Valentina, who is a fighter and his inspiration for joining the Alliance.
  • He originally wanted to be a navigator, but failed the test to become one, so he chose to become a fighter instead.
  • It is revealed in the secret ending to Starfighter Eclipse that his real name is Afon Volkov, making him the first character to have a known surname.


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