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Starfighter is a Sci-Fi webcomic created by HamletMachine. Concurrently, it has four completed chapters and a fifth one, which is still ongoing. The main genres of Starfighter are Yaoi (Boy's Love), Science Fiction and Action.

There is also a visual novel with multiple choice answers, which follows the story of Helios, who is the main character in the game.


Abel and Cain are assigned to a Navigator and Fighter team. After their task names are given, they are going to their room, which they are meant to share from now on. Cain marks Abel with a scar by biting his lip and says that, from this moment on, Abel will be "his bitch".

Inspirations for Starfighter[]

  • The Sacred Band of Thebes[1]


"You don't like to talk, do you?"

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